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Piaget & Auditoire

Creative Direction - Rawstorne Studio 
The launch of the Couture Precieuse Diamond Collection for Piaget Beijing was created in collaboration with Auditoire Shanghai. Our brief was to create a sophisticated and feminine landscape through which the collection could be seen during the gala event. Our studio designed a translucent gallery space made from layered prints onto gauze, offering an architectural element, but remaining delicate for the pre-event exhibition of the collection. Guests passed into the darkened theatre through a world of mirrors and fleeting images. The stage concept explored the idea of femininity, a beguiling place where only glimpses are revealed. Models appeared between slowly revolving mirrors that where choreographed into the performance.
LED screens were positioned, unseen by the audience, to reflect content onto the rotating mirrors, drawing the viewers into a myriad of reflections and changing imagery. Performers and models appeared through a series of large rotating mirrors onto which we reflected large LED walls, the landscape changed and revealed itself as the mirrors slowly rotated.

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