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Rawstorne Studio has no signature style, our motivation and passion is to tell connecting and engaging stories within the 3d and digital environment. We are storymakers, visual artists, designers and problem solvers. Alongside our client we look for opportunities that may traditionally be overlooked. Creating immersive story based worlds, themed environments, interactive experiences and live shows. Combining new technology and creative excellence in spatial environments. Leading from human experience - creating connections, wonder & celebration. Our tools are ingenuity, experimentation, curiosity and inspiration.

Robin Rawstorne - Creative Director, comes from a global design background which was immersed in the worlds of theatre, dance and opera. Combining this experience with a curiosity and passion for new technologies – providing a unique real world insight.

Sarah Johnson - Creative Producer, leads the studio with a collaborative and pragmatic approach to problem solving. Building and managing our extraordinary diverse teams who assist in the development, design and fabrication of our projects.

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