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Concept Development and Creative Direction - Rawstorne Studio
MAUI - The Experience is a first of its kind international touring event that we have been developing for the last several years, alongside Founder - Jermaine Leef and Producer - William McKegg. 

Maori ceremony and storytelling lies at its core.
MAUI is an energetic, multilayered, innovative, international touring, 800 seater 'pop-up' Pa experience. Ignited through 21st century style, performance, music and attitude. 

Blending culture, technical innovation and performance with an epic contemporary energy. Taking audience's into an immersive mystical world of Maori storytelling.

We see it as a philosophical ‘haka’ to the world - its raw, emotional and loud.

MAUI will turn up, saturate the city its in , entertain and then be gone !

Currently this project is in development 

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