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Innovation Award 2013 - Tartar Global

Jaguar China

Creative Direction - Rawstorne Studio
Rawstorne studio collaborated with Shanghai based company Auditoire on this award winning, exciting and complex project.

The brief from Jaguar China was to create an interactive installation that could travel throughout China promoting the launch of their new engine. The idea was to project onto a translucent car within which we could see the beating heart of the 'hero' engine.

Drawing on theatrical illusionary techniques we were able to create an object that was at once solid yet transparent. A full scale Jaguar car was constructed with an acrylic shell and additional acrylic engine within it. The engine contained over 350 individually controllable LED lights, devised by one of our creative team collaborators - Out of the Dark. Using two overlaying content elements - chassis & engine - allowed for spectacular illusionary affects. 

Visitors would select an experience from the touch pad that suited their driving style. One of four "stories" would play out. The projected content, audio and LED lit engine was then woven together on a timecode, creating the perfectly synced selected experience.

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