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Grinding Gears Games
Aotea Centre, Auckland

Creative Direction & Production - Rawstorne Studio
Path of Exile is one of the largest online action role playing games and has a global community of well over 4 million players. It is the highest budget, highest earning game ever made in New Zealand.

ExileCon 2019 was Grinding Gear Games’ first Path of Exile convention held at Aucklands Aotea Centre. We worked closely with GGG for over a year, developing the visual landscape, content and producing the 2 days of talks, gaming and general good times!

We totally transformed the 3 level venue creating a landscape that the games fans would recognise and feel ‘at home’ within.  The feature pieces were the floor to ceiling window vinyls - creating forests and cathedral like spaces throughout, plus an amazing 12 metre ‘Tree of Souls’ - that spiralled through all 3 levels of the venues atrium. We had 2 floors of HP Omen PC’s creating our gaming zones, a mobile phone gaming zone, streamer stage, signings stage, interactive card game stations, exhibition area and a extremely popular merch stall.

There were over 1700 attendees with at least 90% of those being overseas visitors. There were numerous amazing accolades  -  ‘in the top 3 of gaming conventions in the world ever attended ‘ was just one of them.

Our amazing collaborators  for 2019 where Rowan Pierce, OMNI Graphics and LoTech Media.
For 2023 we worked with Uno Loco, OMNI Graphics and Rowan Pierce - plus many other team players who contributed to this awesome project .

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