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‘Installation Award’ - Interior Architecture Awards 2015
Atamira Dance Company

Set Design - Rawstorne Studio
We collaborated with Moss Patterson / Atamira Dance Co. for the 7 years of his tenure as Artistic Director.

‘MOKO’ was our first award winning project.

For this piece we designed a complex series of ropes on pulleys that were attached to a truss frame. The ropes initially controlled a expanse of black fabric, this was manipulated live by the dancers into extraordinary shapes and structures. We were able to create multiple spaces with extraordinary speed and agility.

Differing scenes were further heightened by video mapping onto the sculptural shapes of the black fabric. The fabric fulfilled the roles of Te Kore, Te Pō, Ranginui and Papatūānuku, a waka, cloud, tent, wall, canopy and cloak. The second half of the show sees the black fabric being replaced by red ropes which the dancers manipulate into a series of formations that augment the evolving story.

Choreography - Moss Patterson with Kelly Nash
Set design - Robin Rawstorne / Rawstorne studio
Lighting Design - Jeremy Fern
AV Director - Dan Mace
Interactive Design - Puck Murphy
Composer/Sound designer - Peter Hobbs
Costumes - World

Atamira Dance Company & Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra Auckland Arts Festival

Set Design - Rawstorne Studio
Creative Team
Artistic Director -Moss Patterson
Set Designer - Robin Rawstorne
Lighting Designer - Jeremy Fern
Visual Effects - Rowan Pierce

Atamira Dance Company & Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra

Set Design - Rawstorne Studio

Atamira Dance Company

Set Design - Rawstorne Studio

TE MANU AHI, THE FIREBIRD Atamira Dance Company & Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra
Set Design - Rawstorne Studio

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